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Match Thread Wolves v Leicester

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Interesting to see Maddison dropped.

Barnes as no. 10 then? Ricardo right and Gray left.


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Albrighton and Maddison on the bench FFS!

No creativity.

Pre match build up now on Sky One

Brown Nose

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Maddison deserves to be dropped. He's been abysmal. Pleased to see Barnes start.

But Gray? Seriously?


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I would have picked 4-3-3 with Barnes, Albrighton and Vardy at the front then Ndidi, Maddison and Mendy (or Choudhury) behind.

Brown Nose

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Albrighton doesn't do enough in a front three. He's not quick or likely to score.

Still better than Gray though.

City Fan

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Gray over Albrighton and Mendy/Ndidi over Choudhury. Both an absolute joke.

Glad to see Barnes start though.

Brown Nose

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I've had to have a couple of bets to make watching the match remotely worthwhile.

The rest of this season could cost me a fortune.

Miles Away

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How Mendy has kept his place over Hamza is beyond me. Dropped two of our more consistent performers really.

And Gray? Alright Claude. Maybe this is the game where he gets one of his 3 yearly assists or goals.

Anyway. It’s attacking. Should be an open game.


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Really good interview with Choudhury there and comes across as a really level headed lad.

He really should be in the team ahead of Mendy today.

Mendy keeping his place today is a real surprise to be fair.
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