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Confirmed Transfer Youri Tielemans on loan


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I'm really hoping that the good baby Jesus will let us keep this lad.

I reckon the potential with him supplying the balls to Barnes, Madison and Vardy is Incredible.


Brown Nose

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My top three central midfield partnerships since the Premier League era.

  1. Kante and Drinkwater
  2. Lennon and Izzet
  3. Ndidi and Tielemans

If we could sign Tielemans and play him alongside Ndidi next season, I reckon they might become the best of the lot. They've got everything.


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Except Ndidi can't shoot for toffee.
I actually find that endearing, poor bloke. I hope it's not getting to him. He has hit them, just his conversion rate is not the best. Reminds me of baseball batting stats, Ndidi's 1 for 50 or summat.

Edit: Tielemans, sign him, end of. (usual caveats apply)
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