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Helicopter crash at King Power

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Awful, awful stuff. I hope to god everyone’s ok, but it doesn’t look good at all.

It puts all this football stuff into perspective.


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Oh ****. Seeing the pictures and the fact that this happened 30 mins ago and as yet no comment from anyone about who was in that helicopter scares me a lot.

Hopefully it caught fire from damage after crashing and after passengers are clear, rather than explosion/fire on impact.


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Christ. I saw it heading into the ground as I left so assume this was after it had collected whoever was in the stadium rather than on the way in?


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Rob Dorset on Sky saying no official reports of information yet, but they're understanding is Top wasn't at the game and therefore not on helicopter.

But they believe Vichai was on the helicopter with some other members of the family, but they are stressing that this is unknown and unconfirmed at this time.


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Absolutely surreal situation, just sickening and desperate waiting to hear if anyone made it out.
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