In appreciation of Kasper

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His dad played in goal for Man United in the 90’s you know.

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Is he vastly underrated? I think most pundits and fans would agree he’s top class
I think he is. I don’t think many pundits would include him in their top 3 or even top 5 goalkeepers in the Premier League.


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I'm not having that. I'm pretty sure he couldn't have maintained an erection for long enough after a massive snowball.
I had a look on his Wikipedia. He blames the amount of coke he did on the fact that he was shagging Shophie Anderton at the time and had to keep up with her :icon lol:


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Some stat this

Wow, very impressive.

I still think Kasper is very underrated - by our own fans and the media.

What a servant he's been to the club though. It will be a sad day when he retires, but I hope he sticks around in some capacity.

You don't see many ex-keepers become managers, but I think Kasper has that in him.


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If he played for Chelsea or Man Utd the fans would actually really laud him and have at least some significant banners etc.

He's an icon for us and has achieved the impossible and yet we don't really show any extra love for him as a fan base.

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Often forgotten that Kasper missed 3 months of the great escape season. People tend to remember Huth coming in and changing it for us, but if you look at the fixtures, Kasper returns about exactly the same time as the wins start coming.

Been Haner and Mark Schwarzer - FFS, no wonder we were bottom!!
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