Post Match Leicester 0 Manchester United 1

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All this talk of gas lighting, sounds like we need the gas man:



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**** talks like he hasn’t been manager since 2019…

Follow-up question... 'If that is the case Brendan, why since 2019 have you developed a squad with no leadership qualities?"

Honest answer would be.... "Because I don't want leaders. I want players who aren't going to question me. But now the shit has gotten so bad I have to play lip-service to it and sign one such player."


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Next question “Why are you throwing every one of your current players under the ****ing bus, you arrogant, ignorant ****?”

Although, to be fair, I’m not sure Talksport would let the interviewer keep his job after that one


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So our skilled man manager has said
- we're over achieving
- our squad is not good enough (implied due to his continued insistance we need players)
- now we need to reach 40 points.

Would this motivate you? Or make you want to stay at the club?


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**** talks like he hasn’t been manager since 2019…

What the **** is a "quiet leader" ???

Basically he's just dissed his entire squad & called them a bunch of pussies AND basically told the brand new signing, who comes in knowing nobody, that he's got to lead the team & the squad.

No pressure then Wout.

Won't endear him to the rest of the squad either before he's even set foot on the pitch.

Can we assume from this that he's not a Rodgers signing & the **** is playing stupid mind games?

Get rid. ****. Or at the very least be scoping replacements. Surely they must at least be doing that?


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You were not wrong. I would appreciate it if you would kindly ask your witch friend to cast spells for:
A Rodgers resignation
A Leicester City win
A hat trick for Vardy against Brighton - and several other teams of her choice
Turn Albrighton 6 years younger and play him on the wing
and - Wout Faes to be FIFA player of the year.
Thank you.
I don't think anything short of human sacrifice or selling our souls to the devil would fill that list to be honest.
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