Post Match Leicester 0 Manchester United 1

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On social media. I'd rather they showed it on the pitch.
I'd say a few certainly shown it on the pitch last night too.

We just didn't have the cutting edge or the right shape or ballance to the team.


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That is what he is telling our players. Get to 40 points. Aim for the absolute minimum, that is how highly I rate you.

who would want to play for that.

sack this ****.


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Yes, but you really have to wonder... would we be overachieving as a club if we did achieve 40 points?

I'd forgotten about that. Wander if he still thinks we are punching above our weight? ****ing excuses all the time from this prat.


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On television over here, Danny Higginbotham made the comment that Leicester were all over the place at the back and he couldn't believe that we were playing a midfielder in the centre of defence when there was a CB who he rated quite highly sitting on the bench. Graeme Le Saux said that we don't appear to have a plan B, substitutions are made but the system that wasn't working remains, he was quite baffled by it.


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It worked for Claudio.
Claudio did it for a very different reason. Not because they weren’t good enough but because he knew we had a chance at something very special and he didn’t want to burden his players with the weight of that expectation.

Rodgers is doing it so he can say words to the effect of, “look I told you it would be a battle to stay up” when he takes us down.


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Nope. That’s not why people are cross Brendan. You ****ing know it too.

Miles Away

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Increasingly can’t stand this guy. That said, the 40 point comment is the first bit of pragmatism from him in over a year.


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Yeah because you haven’t been given significant sums to add to the squad, and you didn’t waste that money.


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Increasingly can’t stand this guy. That said, the 40 point comment is the first bit of pragmatism from him in over a year.
It’s awful. I can’t imagine working for him. How motivated would you feel being told you are capable perhaps of the bare minimum needed to stay in the league.


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Remember when he said that before he came we were just happy to stay in the division?

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I also just remembered when he said we had no time on the training ground to work on defending set pieces.

Why is he still here?
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