Post Match Leicester 3 Norwich 1

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I thought Daka did ok today. He did lots of selfless closing down high up which lead to a good few interceptions in midfield.
He had three touches in the first half. Three. On top of that, he missed an absolute sitter and he couldn't take a simple ball in his stride which would have put him through 1 on 1. He looked like he didn't know which feet were on which side of his body whenever he touched the ball. It was like watching Nacho.
When Vardy reels off after scoring. Always afraid it will be the last time I see that but know I could watch it forever.
A much improved performance.

We just looked up for it today. Having Ricardo and Doyle on the two sides makes us look so much better than Choudhury and Justin.

I thought the front three were all really bad. The defence and midfield were very willing and front footed but we constantly got the ball to the wide players and they did very little. Their confidence levels just look shot. It was notable, and potentially crucial, to see them both flying off the bench and down the wing when we got the third. Belief is everything with those two.

Daka got no service whatsoever. His running across the line kept Norwich busy though and he fluffed the one opportunity that came his way when the defender messed up. Oh and welcome to 2024 to Dewsbury-Hall who has been utter dogshit for ages and was excellent today.

The most interesting moments were Faes getting all arsey with the home fans when we equalised. Cupping his ears to us like a prize knob head. Shows everything wrong with that dick. Also, how frequently EM was telling the players to slow the pace down and go backwards and how, FINALLY, some of them just thought 'feck that, I'm going forward'. Lots of that from people like Winks today which I liked to see.

Imagine Faes responding to fans for over reacting to going a goal behind… how dare he.

Or maybe his reaction made you realise how poor yours have been…
One of them was to win a corner, the other was to set up a chance Winks should have scored from. So when we got the ball to him he did OK.
Perhaps getting the ball to him was difficult because his movement was rubbish. Usually he works exceptionally hard and runs his balls off, no one can take that away from him, but I thought for the majority of the game today he looked like he couldn't be arsed. I would also argue that two touches of note in 45 minutes is a poor return. Neither of them negetate the utter dross he served up today.

Genuinely can't believe this is still a debate. He's another one of the many terrible signings we should just mark 'what were we thinking?' and forget about as soon as possible.
Ipswich back to top. Last seconds winner.


I only saw the last 15 mins but the intensity and fight from both of these teams was so much more than we've shown. We will need to match that fight in the final games.

That's Southampton more or less out of the automatic race now, you'd expect.
Oh **** off Ipswich.

Got to appreciate there fight and heart. But possibly the luckiest team I've ever seen.
What shit defending that was. He fell over and was able to get up and get the shot away.
If you were an Ipswich fan you’d be moaning about leaving it too late, eventually we will get Sussed. Etc etc!
He'd definitely be complaining if we had got played off the park for 70 mins and somehow won with an xG of 0.22.

And certainly be unhappy with the Blackburn keeper chucking the ball in the net for the only goal in the previous game and them having 3 goals ruled out.

I like that they are they complete opposite of us that they can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat whereas we gift defeats away when we have the win in our hands.

It's also why I completely ****ing hate them too though and that far outweighs the small amount of like I do have for them.

Bunch of ****s.
Well, not even BN can defend that performance from Daka, but he'll give it a go I'm sure.

I thought we were excellent. Calm and controlled when needed and then attacking when the spaces presented themselves. Although I agree that we look better with Doyle on the left, his passing really let him down today. Far too many crosses or passes went out of play but at least he was making space for himself and he defended well enough.

Not wanting to invoke the wrath of MA, I thought Faes was absolutely fantastic in that second half. He defended so well, broke up play time and time again and got forward so many times to help out the attackers. He was my MoTM followed by Fatawu.

As for Vardy, what is there left to say? This is why bullshit nonsense like 'if that'd been Daka and not Vardy missing chances people would have been all over him' doesn't hold any water. Daka gives these types of performances time and time and time again. Vardy however, continues to do what he's always done best despite the very rare occasion it may not go for him; score goals.

We could find ourselves top with a game in hand come 22:30 tonight.
Faes played well in the second half. He was clearly instructed to commit and press the striker when he received the ball. He did it really well.

Still not for me, though.
Faes played well in the second half. He was clearly instructed to commit and press the striker when he received the ball. He did it really well.

Still not for me, though.
I get what you are saying. He thinks he is better than he is (probably) but given the correct pairing could be a better player.
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