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Match Thread Leicester v Manchester United

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Ghezzal has done well. I think he could come good for us.

Mendy is the obvious weak link in this team. Tielemans has to come in for him. And Choudhury should have been playing instead of him since the Chelsea game.


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I genuinely don't get why he brings Shinji on. Like I don't know what he THINKS Shinji can or will do?

We have no creativity or movement now with Maddison and Gray off. You could see it when MAN Utd just lined up in their box there.

Nacho coming in.... For.... Mendy. That I'll take. But it's still just another striker without any thought of how we're actually going to crwate something.

Miles Away

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Nacho is absolutely bereft of confidence.

It’s over for him at Leicester under Puel. He’s regressed so so much.


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Ghezzal has done okay ish but looks like he's now given up playing or trying to win the ball back


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Great clearance from Iheanacho.

We have some good players, but also some shockingly pathetic ones.
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