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Speculation Next manager

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I've been having a read through one of their forums. It's quite entertaining.

I think it starts to heat up from about here:
Plenty of "no way he'll go Leicester". ****ing hilarious knowing all the Celtic fans are going into meltdown. Nice to finally get that revenge for what happened with MON all those years ago. Shows what a historic Scottish treble is worth if he is happy to jump ship before the job is done! At the same time though, it shows an eagerness to come here and good commitment but if Top has made a 'one time offer' then clearly a take it or leave it scenario for Rodgers.

I'd be happy with the appointment, but then - a good number of those linked would have been an improvement on Puel's brand of football..


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That's the sense of entitlement that you get when you play in a one team league.


They can't understand why a manager would come and take a challenge like this because the poor sods don't actually have a clue what a challenge is.

On the plus side, they can go on winning their meaningless league with whichever chump they replace him with.
There s a bizarre worry that they might not actually win the treble. Ffs


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MON leaving us for Celtic was the worst blow I think I ever felt as a City fan. More than the relegations.

When he went I knew that the only period of supporting a successful team in my lifetime was over.

I've never forgiven Celtic for that. When MON brought Celtic to City for a friendly I remember losing my shit big time and nearly getting thrown out. I was very bitter.

Whatever happens, this is a pleasant feeling of revenge. **** you Celtic.
I remember that. I was only a kid but it got me so mad as well


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Rodgers is going to attract some good talent to our club. He's world re-known as a manager after Liverpool. He also managed to get the best out of Luis Suarez and did well with so many others. Talent will recognize this and be excited to come. This added to the training ground, close proximity to Birmingham and London and our relatively recent success, winner winner chicken dinner


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From the man that managed Coventry :042:
If BR wants to manage in the Premier League again, who else is bigger than us outside the current top 6, who clearly were never going to ask him to be their manager?

Newcastle are probably bigger but don't have the money and I've never ever thought of Everton as bigger than us.


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Contract expected to be signed before the game tonight.

Perhaps it will be announced on the pitch before the game?

Great news. Huge props to Top and crew for moving on this so quickly. Made a decision quickly and making it happening quickly.

Not used to that! Always seems like we sack managers with no plan and take a long time to recruit, so it's a very positive change.


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3 Brendan Rodgers
2 Ted Rodger
1 Dusty Bin

Boring and predictable.

Has he held the shirt up at the wrong angle yet?


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I remember that. I was only a kid but it got me so mad as well
The O’Neill departure didn’t hurt me as much as Little, which really really jarred as he had brought us back from the brink, been through the three playoff finals and given us the first promotion success I had experienced.

The McGhee departure on the other hand was what led me to meet people like you lot on the internet, as I needed someone to share my annoyance of seeing it happen all over again with. So I subscribed to the old ecafe mailing list which eventually led me here.

O’Neill I felt deserved the big move, and whilst I was gutted I was happier for him to go to Celtic than the alternatives at that time (Leeds or Spurs having been strongly linked). Apparently he had strong links with Celtic, although when we heard he had those same childhood links with Sunderland that felt a bit wrong.
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