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Speculation Next manager

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- the fact that for the first time in 24 years he managed to get into position to win the league at Liverpool is a massive achievement. Yes he ballsed it up but I don't really expect us to win the league. It was three games he ballsed up. So many top bosses have done the same. Remember that the Liverpool of this season is remarkably different to the Liverpool of previous ones. They're 1st right now but at this time aren't usually up there.

- I'm pretty sure his last season consisted of about 8 matches before he got sacked so basically no time. It's hardly a resounding spectacular decline. Obviously the dynamics at a club like that are different to us also. If we're sat at lower than we should be after 8 matches it's hardly time to panic

- I'm sorry for your loss, may she rest peacefully.

- the SPL is shit. But my point was that he's come from a winning mentality. Which can only be positive.

- I missed out Reading because that was actually a decade ago. For me things become a little inconsequential after time. It was clearly whilst he was a very young, developing manager. It's like saying Vardy is shit because he only scored 5 goals in his first season with us and even they were in the championship. So much has happened since then...

- the last two are very contradictory. My point was that not sure who was behind the Liverpool transfers. So which one is a positive and a which one is a negative I'm not so sure.

We absolutely couldn't appoint a much better manager at this time. Possibly Rafa. But apart from that no one else.
Just to clarify.

That "disastrous" last season as a few of my mates have pointed out was nothing of the sort.

He was sacked whilst Liverpool were 10th, after only 8 matches. 4 points off 2nd And 3 points of 4th.


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I mentioned in a post a month or so ago that a change with around 6-8 games of the season left would be better than waiting until the summer. That way the new manager gets a feel for what needs to done with the team before the start of next season.


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I'd much rather have BR than RB. Brendan is the right age for us.
Same here.

Rafa did a poor job comparatively at Inter and Napoli and Was ok at Chelsea.

I can't believe we're having this debate though....BR and RB would be excellent job candidates for us.

To think...this time two years ago CRAIG SHAKESPEARE was our boss


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One of their fans calls our owner and fans a naughty word...classy as ever.

Delusional that lot, utterly delusional.
If you are the only team in that league is a ‘treble treble’ really an achievement. Probably every team in the Premier and half the championship would win the SPL or seriously contend for it.

pork pie fox

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Just spent a while reading that, ****ing excellent.

Bet he's looking forward to managing in a proper league.

Loving the meltdown, poor wee little girlies.
It's good isn't it? I like the fact that they banned the poster who was daring to suggest that he would be going.


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Also a treble treble sounds like something that comes between two slices of bread or is battered and deep fried.


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It's good isn't it? I like the fact that they banned the poster who was daring to suggest that he would be going.
That's the sense of entitlement that you get when you play in a one team league.


They can't understand why a manager would come and take a challenge like this because the poor sods don't actually have a clue what a challenge is.

On the plus side, they can go on winning their meaningless league with whichever chump they replace him with.

Brown Nose

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19 year later and we finally get payback!
MON leaving us for Celtic was the worst blow I think I ever felt as a City fan. More than the relegations.

When he went I knew that the only period of supporting a successful team in my lifetime was over.

I've never forgiven Celtic for that. When MON brought Celtic to City for a friendly I remember losing my shit big time and nearly getting thrown out. I was very bitter.

Whatever happens, this is a pleasant feeling of revenge. **** you Celtic.
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