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Shortly after the 8pm applause a chap in Whitwick played nessun dorma over his massive speaker system. I could hear it walking near the monestary 2 miles away.

Quite emotional

Brown Nose

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I've watched this match several times before. First time I've noticed that one of the drippy kids giggling away as Bocelli was singing was Harvey Barnes.

pork pie fox

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As much as I love watching that game back, I still am stunned by how emotional it is to listen to Bocelli sing. Both songs remind me of special times anyway, but my god it was powerful that day.


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I remember everything so clearly from that day. Waking up, opening a bottle of champagne for breakfast, traveling to the ground, bumping into some mates I’d been to some away games with in during the league 1 days.... jumping around like a nutter in the concourse before the game, singing and crying... then walking up to my seat and feeling like I was having an out of body experience in anticipation for the trophy presentation. Disbelief, almost wishing away the 90 minutes. Crying again when Kingy scored.

I still can’t believe it happened. In idle moments I still catch myself thinking about the sheer romance and impossibility of it all. The thought that Robert Huth and Marc Albrighton could deliver a Premier League title by 10 clear points...

It still doesn’t feel real.


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Not a City related thing but on this day in 1985 there was a football match in Bradford. 56 fans never went home.


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Not a City related thing but on this day in 1985 there was a football match in Bradford. 56 fans never went home.

I do remember that. All set up to be a big day and then that happened. I have seen film from it recently, never a good sight.

Brown Nose

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Has Vardy got a 'reverse Nigerian' syndrome?

He was 25 when that picture was taken and he looks 15. Now he's 33 and as quick as ever.

Can we be sure that he was born in 1987 and not 1997?

Brown Nose

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I was probably a bit harsh on Walker while he was here, but in truth he was one of the better components of a team which was mostly shit.

No. He was a massively overrated keeper. A bit like Joe Hart, he got a reputation based on very little and managed to con people for years until he was found out.
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