Speculation The hysterically annoying, and totally unfounded, but traditional, January 2024 rumours thread.

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How long would it take Enzo to get these chaps to play the new system?
He has 3 assists so far this season. Second highest in the championship.
He's created 6 big chances. Second highest in the championship.
He's created 31 chances. Second highest in the championship.
He's 6th in the championship for possession won in the final third.

He's the highest rated player in the championship.

But he's our weak link...

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What have the Romans ever done for us?

Not a rumour, but this would be good.

It's a real shame that for whatever reason (covid?) we didn't give a proper send off to Kingy, Wes, Fuchs and Kasper.

Perhaps when Vardy's deal is up (at the end of the season) we'll do something as that'll truly bring that era to an end.

A testimonial ?

Is it 1990 ?

If they put it on & the proceeds go to a city based charity that needs the money (or a collection of them) then fair enough I'm up for it.

& I mean entirely, none of that appearance fees or travel expenses bollocks.

I've no interest in putting more money into the pockets of millionaires.
Knockaert was class for us in the Championship and was something completely different, until Mahrez arrived a few months later.

And if it wasn't for that penalty miss, we never go on to win the PL.
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P Pld Pts
3Leeds Utd4690
5West Brom4675
6Norwich City4673
7Hull City4670
9Coventry City4664
10Preston 4663
11Bristol City4662
12Cardiff City4662
14Swansea City4657
17Stoke City4656
19Blackburn 4653
20Sheffield W4653
21Plymouth 4651
24Rotherham Utd4627