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They're talking about us

Blue Maniac

Alzheimers sufferer
His pet tiger has. I'm not joking.

Apparently his father has spent more money than any other person on earth.

For example, he brought Michael Jackson over to perform for his family when Faiq was a kid. Maybe that's why Faiq needed a pet tiger.

Anyway, he must be good as he's into his fourth year as a pro with us. He can't possibly be here for any reason other than his ability.
I’m sure he’s here on merit, just as I’m sure he’s the captain of his national team based on his extensive experience at senior level.

Rock Fox

Well-Known Member
What a pity we ae taking the cups so seriously this year otherwise we could have seen him play. If not he could always take his pet as a mascot for the rugby lot down the road


Well-Known Member

Brown Nose

Well-Known Member
The two quite basic factual errors in paragraph two annoyed me too much to continue reading.

On a more general point, we're the trendy (easy) story again aren't we? Has any journalist not done a Leicester to break into top six article? All using the same lazy generalisations with precious little insight.

The less trendy, but much more accurate view, is that we'd be a sure top six side had we replaced Mahrez either last summer or this. We're far too dependent on one player for goals.

Or had we not appointed two absolute nonsense managers and wasted two seasons when we had a much better side than our points/finishing position.

Framing our situation as being just because several of the top six are less good is a small part of the real story.


Well-Known Member
A similar article in the Times. It’s annoying, I actually would prefer us to be ignored again and allowed to go about our business.


Well-Known Member
It’s the same treatment Wolves got last season. After VAR, sackings and racism there’s chuff all for journalists to talk about really. No one is going to dig up any serious journalistic dirt on Manchester City or owt that takes any effort.
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