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I felt so low about football for weeks after that game though. Couldn’t stomach thinking about it all summer. In my head I was going to Wembley as soon as we won that penalty.

Then I remember we were driving back from Cornwall, listening to the radio, and we came from behind to beat Middlesbrough on opening day, with Vardy scoring (I remember thinking Vardy’s playing??), and all the foolish optimism came back. And as has been said, we never looked back, Vardy learnt how to play at a higher level, we signed Mahrez etc etc.
I was at Middlesbrough that day, lovely sunny day I recall. Leaving that game I was a bit more upbeat than leaving Vicarage Road!


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That goal is classic Vardy. I’ve often said I’d love to see a reel of his performances in his first season with us just to see how it was all going so wrong.
There was a long time where nothing seemed to go right. Balls played to his chest, and him giving away a silly penalty or two,

The game against Ipswich in the Championship was the one where I think people started to see what was there. My father came with me to the game and was asking why was he even on the pitch. Until Vardy ran through on to a loose ball that no-one else would have seen and finished expertly.


Some games melt into the past for me; I'll watch highlights and remember that I'd watched it but have little idea of when it was. I have to work it out roughly based on players, kit and manager.


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For those with Athletic subscriptions, see attached. For those without one, be reassured that he says 'quality' 22 times!!



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I do wonder how popular Rodgers would have been had he had to be the hatchet man that broke up the title side instead of inheriting the squad Puel put together? Puel also started the transition in style too which Rodgers improved on, but there are still a lot of similarities, the main difference is the pace we play and pass at.

Who ever broke that side up was onto a loser from the off so instant success was needed but unlikely to come due to the changes being made, Rodgers is clearly a much better manager and more suited to the EPL but Puel's short tenure was an important step for the side at the time, allowing Rodgers to come in, not have to upset the old guard and be popular from the off for simply not being Claude with both players and fans.


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Puel was a useless oaf.
He squandered a load of promising talent, and nearly drove Vardy out of the Club with his ridiculous nonsense

There is nothing whatsoever that happened during his tenure that was positive in any way.

We all knew we had a better bunch of players than was being reflected on the pitch.

The man was a Grade A Prick which, sadly, some stupid fans just didn't see


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Puel was a useless oaf.
in our performances yes but he did make some important changes to the squad, don't think Rodgers would be having the success he has so far with us had he had to make those changes himself because I'm not sure he has the man management skills he would have needed to do it, not many have, Sir Alex is pretty much the only one I can think of that has overhauled a squad and had success at the same time, the person that does the overhaul usually doesn't last to see the success.

I look at Puel as a sacrificial lamb for our future success, we wanted him to be successful on the pitch but the squad overhaul was equally important.


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Puel took a 60 point a season squad and made them a 50 point squad.

Rodgers has taken a 60 point a season squad and made them a 70 point squad.
He also didn't have to put any noses out of place, in fact his mere arrival made the players he would have had to keep onside very happy. Had he had to implement the changes I'm not sure he would have managed to keep those same players happy, going off stories from his time at Liverpool I don't think he would have.

Pretty much anyone could have done the hatchet job, it takes a special manager to combine it with success and Rodgers is benefiting from the dirty work already being done when he arrived is all I'm saying
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