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It’s a very simple message.

Where we were was ahead of where we should have been but where we are now is below where we should be but we’re close to being back at where we shouldn’t be but were before.


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It's a great mentality that has been imparted on the squad.

I am now starting to see why we are witnessing what we are on a matchday.

The whole squad has been told that they overachieved.

Win the FA Cup and instead of developing a taste for winning just turn into a bunch of absolute pussies.


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Can anyone else remember Perez overachieving for two years?

"As soon as we get positive results we'll get that confidence's still a long way to go until the end of the season."

I suppose we just need some teams to let us win before the confidence will come back?

City Fan

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Great that this loser mentality our manager has, has filtered its way down to our squad.



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They are absolutely right in what they are saying. My issue is, I don't think they should be admitting it to the press.


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They are absolutely right in what they are saying. My issue is, I don't think they should be admitting it to the press.

If you consiser there's a big 6 and if you ignore 3 of them are ran as an absolute shambles...... then finishing 5th is a massive over achievement. I can't think of a team that we'd expect to finish below for the last 2 seasons who finished 6th or lower. Spose it sounds good for the likes of Talksport to blab on about once Brendan finally gets the boot.


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I still don't buy into the belief that we have over achieved. We surprised the competition. We recruited a few gems, we employed cutting edge sports science, we didn't have many injuries. We also experienced a period where most of our squad possibly played at their potential. Obviously my memories are focussed on the title win.
At that time they used the phrase 'Band of Brothers'. I think that gave us 5%. I enjoyed the club's social media content at that time. Who doesn't like a Huth Vs Fuchs arse hitting contest? The head tennis, while cooling down?
Is it because we've lost those characters, or because the social media dept has a new direction?
Is Loughborough University still sending their interns to the club? Back then it all seemed to be about achieving marginal gains. Nothing suggests that this is the current model, or has everyone else caught up?


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Do people think that since the title win that the club has been trying to shake off the 'Little Old Leicester' feel and have us seen as a more serious and professional club?

It was easy for 'Little Old Leicester' to over achive - just finish in the top six for example. I am suprised a little that members of the club are now saying that 'we have over achieved' - I thought that they would take it for granted, almost, that we would be a regular top five club nowadays. With our current squad we should be a top five club.


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The Boss wouldn't have accepted loser talk like that.


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The Boss wouldn't have accepted loser talk like that.

Especially when it's just wrong. Arsenal still haven't employed a manager and picked Pep's helper not thinking he'd not bring their cheque book. Spurs have kept unhappy players in too long and tried an unsuitable and unhappy manager.

Who should have been 5th if not us? Maybe West Ham? They've got a good 11 but I'd say we have more depth. Everton are a shambles and probably always will be......struggling to think of others tbh.

Brown Nose

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The Boss wouldn't have accepted loser talk like that.


When we were promoted in 2014, he said he wanted us in the top five within three years and playing in Europe.

Forgive me if I missed it, but when we won the title, I never once saw anything attributed to him that suggested that he saw us as underdogs or inferior to anyone else. He wasn't expecting us to win the league but it didn't come as that much of a shock to him.

He then sacked Ranieri because he was not prepared to see us go from winners to losers. Failure wasn't acceptable. On the night of the helicopter crash, it was widely reported that he'd had it with Puel.

Vichai was relentlessly demanding and positive. He would have been over here right now firstly asking BR if there is anything at all he could do to help. And secondly saying you better improve fast because being midtable isn't good enough.

I have no idea who is demanding things of BR and the players right now but it all feels so weak and defeatist. The only people I see who are demanding standards are the fans that are expressing their dissatisfaction. And our manager and players think that's not the right thing to be doing. To which I can only respond, "well you fecking do it then".


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It's absolutely shite management from Rodgers and may well cause us a significant problem going forward. Has infected the squad with his defeatist attitude and convinced the whole squad we overachieved rather than are underachieving now. What the **** did we make you one of the top paid managers in the league for if we were happy fluffing it about in mid table? Didn't hear none of this overachieving shit when you took that pay rise. Heck.. maybe we just invested in one of the best training grounds in the country.. neigh - probably Europe, for a ****ing laugh....
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