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Biffa Bacon

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People dislike him because he's very clearly a wanker. Thank **** people don't just put up with that and justify it like they do in the scumbag six.
Exactly, there is no problem with calling out successful people for being absolute wankers, I was at an industrial seminar on Friday where a guy I have known for 20 plus years was going on about his 250 patents as if they weren't all developed and paid for by his employer using under paid researchers, the bloke is a **** but a successful one.
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FOX Franks

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I liked Brendan until he started calling out the fans which I thought at the time was a very odd move.

His comments and decision making are strange. I don't think he's a particularly likeable person, but the last few games he's shown that he can turn a situation round.
As Biffa Bacon Biffa Bacon says - you can be a successful arrogant wanker. I'm sure Brendan doesn't care in the slightest if we like him.

City Fan

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That would be an absolutely shocking decision by Wigan.


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He's become surplus to requirement since we decided to start defending.


Water Gypsy
I see it as a Welshman trying to instil a sense of "it is possible" for his side.
But at the bookies 7/1, it should be a whole lot more possible than City's 5000/1 achievement. So it certainly is possible.

I suspect that there would be more on here than glyn who would celebrate if it were to happen.

Blue Maniac

Alzheimers sufferer
Honestly, it’s insulting to both the 2016 team and the current Wales squad. He just says things to say them, I think. Obviously the tales of telephony-based temporary inconveniences accidentally inflicted upon his former managers decades ago are burned into our memories and a source of great entertainment but everything else he says is just shite.
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