What Are You Listening To Now?


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Age of Chance - Kiss. 7", 1986.

Cabaret Voltaire - I want you. 7", 1985.

The Woodentops - Well well well. 7", 1985.


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After a long time of a different world, I'm playing lots of music. I/we need good music.
Tonight it was TV Personalities 1st LP 'Don't The Kids Just Love It'

Reason is that I've been listening to a chap called 'Mick Trouble'. If you know TVP, listen to Mick Trouble.


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The Lithics.

Americans sounding like Wire/Kleenex/Fall/Bands on Fast Products/1980.
I rather like them. Here's a track from their previous LP.



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The Neutrals.

Americans sounding Scottish. Scottish punk jangle. Theys claim they're from Oakland, California. They are more Scottish than The Proclaimers. They even do a cover version of a well known Scottish bands B-side.



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Working on my motorcycle listening to OMD's self titled album, The Men They Couldn't Hang - Night of a Thousand Candles and Seventh Sojurn by the Moody Blues.


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I listened to tracks from both of these today. Electricity and The Green Fields of France came up on my random playlist.
Both of those tracks are part of my growing up (not that I ever did much of that). I remember John Peel playing The Green Fields and being stunned.


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Speaking of Scottish singers, l’m listening to Gerry Cinnamon’s erratic cinematic at the moment
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