What Are You Listening To Now?

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Thank you.

I have some research to do.

Do you listen to Jacques Le Coque or The Electric Mess at all?
I haven’t heard of either of them and judging by the number of listens they have on Spotify neither has anyone else! I’ll try them out thanks, got loads of my own research to do this weekend.


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I find Pavement a bit hit-and-miss. I really like some of their stuff but I can also quickly find it a little, um, contrived and maybe over worked. That's to say, it can get on my tits! Yet I do have at least 2 of their albums so I obviously liked them enough to make the same mistake again.

Edit: Easy Life - undecided. Interested enough to follow up on though. Lyrically, I hear tones of early Arctic Monkeys.
Modest Mouse are up there for me too. I can see how they’d both get on peoples’ tits.


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I've been doing that "digging out 7" singles you hardly ever play anymore" thing. Lockdown is perfect for this game.
Just now was this. Owned from new since release in 1979 but probably not played in at least 20 years.

The memories it evokes are both painful & valuable.

& as far as discussions about the greatest pop songs of all time go...well, you're welcome to your opinions obviously.



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Sorry (or maybe not) but I never 'got' or went for Patti Smith. All the right people seemed to but I just didn't.
Nowadays I can appreciate her stuff but not like a lot. I liked that she married someone with the surname Smith (Fred of MC5?) so she could keep her name! Or something like that.

And there you go.

I'm just making and listening to a bit of noise with a few beers on a Friday night.
Currently doing Les Thugs. I saw them live in Liverpool a million years ago and really enjoyed their set. I tried telling one of them how good they were afterwards but with him being French/Belgiumn and me being me, niether of us could undersand a word the other was saying. O happy days.

I like this. (Not for everyone, i know).


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I'm with you on Patti Smith, she's interesting as an artist and I wouldn't turn her music off the radio (do look up her reading her autobiography for radio 4 a few years ago in fact) but can't imagine putting a whole album on. That said, I recently discovered the Iggy Pop album Party, which he cowrote with Smith's guitarist Ivan Kral. It's not as well regarded as the Bowie stuff, but well worth checking out
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