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Match Thread Wolves v Leicester

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I can't quite believe that substitution. I mean, I can't even begin to work out what formula he used to come to that decision. Now Iheanacho is coming on...


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Do you think MON might want to take Morgan off of our hands? We should have thrown him in as a freebie in the Benny deal


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Perhaps we go too close to the possibility of getting something out of the game and he has a bet on for Wolves 3-2?
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool  6
Arsenal  6
Manchester City  4
Manchester Utd  4
Brighton  4
Tottenham   4
Bournemouth  4
Sheffield Utd  4
Everton  4
10 Burnley  3
11 Norwich City  3
12 Leicester  2
13 Wolves  2
14 Palace  1
15 Chelsea  1
16 West Ham Utd  1
17 Aston Villa  0
18 Newcastle Utd  0
19 Southampton  0
20 Watford  0