Anyone seen the mini footy stars excel sheet knocking around

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I've got 60 out of 64 and desperately want to beat my old boss to completing it. If anyone knows what I'm on about giz a shout back, nice one.


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The only Excel footie thing I know of is the one with loads of questions. Is that the one? I did have it (and did quite poo) but lost it. Wouldn't mind having it again tho..


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Yeah - I´ve got 5 of them at work and I managed to do all 64 of the first one - that´s the one with terry butcher, beckham twice, socrates, bobo balde etc...
thing is I can´t find ém anywhere on the internet from home cos I am half way through the second lot (the one with Justin Fashanu - classic!)


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if anyone has this spreadsheet i wouldn't mind having it, pm me for email please.


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i'm guessing it's the mini pictures of players on a spreadsheet and you have to work out who each player is.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Leicester  9
Liverpool  9
Everton  9
Aston Villa  6
Arsenal  6
Palace  6
Leeds Utd  6
Tottenham   4
Chelsea  4
10 Newcastle Utd  4
11 West Ham Utd  3
12 Brighton  3
13 Manchester City  3
14 Manchester Utd  3
15 Southampton  3
16 Wolves  3
17 West Brom  1
18 Burnley  0
19 Sheffield Utd  0
20 Fulham  0