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It seems often that I am speaking on this board after a night of heavy drinking. But this time I want to speak about something that I am really feeling at the minute and that is my devoted support for both England and Leicester. We may not play the best football at times and we may be put through some rough times, but to support your country and club is something that fills me with great pride and honour, something that nothing else can touch. I have had it this year where some racist ethnic majorities and other idiots have mocked my football beliefs and I have let it slide as I am not one to want trouble (as I have tried hard to achieve something, through college etc), but I know from now on I will fight for my beliefs. The European Championship has made me more patriotic than ever, and any f*ck*r that wants to belittle my country or club has something coming to them, f*ck what I have done at college, f*ck if I get chucked out, this is something that I am willing to fight for and any mother f*ck*r that steps in my way is facing a face to floor visit with the concrete beneath them. It has gone on too long that people in this country have mocked England and Leicester and I am willing to stand up for it and fight for my beliefs, football brings so much pride to me and I will flip if anyone tries to demean my country or club again.

I am sorry if this post is a rather strong, but if we aren't able to fight for are beliefs then what good are we?
dont you just love stella :lol:
Well said belowski, i know exactly how you feel. But is this not the reason why english fans get in so much trouble abroad?
Ur drunk and ur still clearly writing that you aren't!! :lol:
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