Champions League

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"Misunderstood"? No, I don't think so. Whilst it's fair to say Haaland is generally regarded as the best young striker around it's not like he was the only option... so "unanimously", well, I'll let you off that bit of hyperbole! Haaland suited Pep's model true, but because of his age and what he offered. It's undeniable that Pep takes players and makes them better. It's too simplistic to say that he simply 'buys the best'. Money could have tempted Benzema for instance, if only to plug a hole left by Aguero.

I might say some folk are hell bent in interpreting situations in a manner that suits their agenda ;) Man City = bad. End of.
Pissed off with the Pep love in before the game
Now, It’s going to be completely unbearable
It was more of an achievement for Klopp to win it with Liverpool, than it was for Pep to win it with Man City.
If they don't bin him off then who knows what next year will bring. Even when they get it right (and, no, they don't always) it's not an instant thing.
Winning the treble is a brilliant achievement.

Man Utd have had a higher net spend than Man City over the last ten years yet they haven't won the league for a decade or a Champions League title for the best part of 20 years nevermind the treble. PSG have spent virtually the same and have come nowhere close either.

This season consisted of over 60 matches where they beat Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Dortmund, and Sevilla, directly - many over two matches. Not to mention all the countless other smaller teams who've had stellar seasons like Newcastle, Villa, Brighton etc.

To keep your focus, consistency, motivation, bottle, discipline, fitness, togetherness and much more in place across 61 matches and win three competitions, regardless of which players you've got, is ****ing immense.

Man City wouldn't have done it without the money, obviously, anyone can see that. But don't assume it's an easy job just because they can sign the best striker in the world. How many times have we seen that go wrong? Time after time.

Make no mistake, this is a rare feat, requires more than just money and deserves some ****ing respect. It also highlights once again, just how incredible our title win was. Nobody can take that away.
A hollow, meaningless plastic achievement.

Football is not the sport you fell in love with
Champion League, all those away trips to great cities, Prague, Milan, Barcelona and... Riyadh.

I wonder if this doesn't work they'll try to get Newcastle's games played in Saudi.
Was always going to happen

Money talks
As Tony Kornheiser often quotes the late Don Ohlmeyer (on PTI) at times like this: “The answer to all your questions is money.”

One for the American forum members, possibly, but still applies.
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