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Post Match Leicester 0 Manchester United 1


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First of all, I cannot comprehend the reaction to Maddison coming off. Maddison was dreadful today. He pulled out of several challenges (as he does every game), failed to track back (as he does every game), and was generally a waste of a shirt. Granted, Ghezzal isn't exactly a positive change (although he did much better than Maddison in half the time on the pitch). However, why people see Maddison as a key player is beyond me. If Mahrez had been as wasteful and lazy, he'd be hammered on here. Mahrez always worked much harder than Maddison has ever done for us.

Mendy has been carrying our midfield for months given Ndidi's lack of form. Now Mendy has dropped off, people are hammering him. I agree that playing them both is negative and stifling for us, but jumping onto the best midfielder this season is not the right response. The right response is to question the man that keeps on selecting them both irrespective of form, circumstance or opposition.

Our passing today was awful. We gave the ball away far too often and too easily. You can't win if you can't generate some momentum. Our kids choked from the start again and one of them made an error. It happens and will continue to happen. Our main problem is that, if we're going to play so many error prone kids, we have to be much more creative at the other end or every mistake will be amplified - as today.

Man Utd cruised that today. Never got out of first gear. We were well off the standard required.
Maddison was the only player who looked remotely able to create anything in the first half (perhaps Gray as well). He was trying to control play and open up the game but was hampered by the complete ineptitude of Ndidi and Mendy who were responsible for slowing everything down or going backwards. In the second half it was Barnes who was our most creative player but removing Maddison and Gray pretty much put pay to any chance we had of getting anything. I don't think he realises that there aren't any limits to how many creative players you are allowed on the pitch at a time if you want. Ghezzal was okay when he came on but let's not pretend he was miles better than anyone else today; he really wasn't.

As for Mendy carrying our midfield, that may have been the case for one or two games this season but he's been rubbish more than he has been competent and I'd like to see them both replaced. Choudhury has been better in the games we have seen him than both Mendy and Ndidi combined this season and it must be infuriating to sit on the bench week in week out watching the Chuckle brothers selected over him. Maddison needs better players around him or at least players more willing to go forwards rather than backwards.


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Our fans can be right arseholes.

Ghezzal was our best player when he came on, he's got more movement in one leg than the rest of the midfield combined.

Bet he felt fantastic when his supporters reacted like spoilt ****ing brats when he came on.

Him and Barnes the only 2 positives for me.

Infighting started in my area today, surprised it's taken that long.

We just don't understand the concept of pass and MOVE, ****ing static.
I totally agree about Ghezzal. He is going to be a really good player for us if our own stupid fans don't ruin him first. When he plays he is often our most creative player.

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The atmosphere at home games seems to be turning towards toxic now. Regardless of which side of the Puel in/out argument you're on, you have to accept that that is an extremely bad sign for a manager.


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To be fair to Puel, Maddison did pick up a heavy knock in the first-half. If that was why he was subbed then fair enough.

Okazaki for Gray, now that cannot be defended.

The back four were very good, again. This should be the back four for the rest of the season.

I thought overall it was a good performance. Mendy apart, I thought everyone else played okay, and well in a number of cases. And that includes Ghezzal when he came on.
hopefully our new signing can bring some vision and quality on the ball, we did ok today nothing more.


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The longer this goes on the more damaging I think it’s going to be for us. There will be (possibly already are) players looking at this, seeing it isn’t going to match their ambitions and wanting out. Vardy being one.

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You can kind of make him out saying “why’s he talking to them” before calling him a ****ing knobhead.

It’s a good point. You’d think he’d be commiserating his team (or congratulating them on the high quantity of sideways passes), before exchanging pleasantries with his compatriots.


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Midfield is where we lost that game, Mendy and N'didi either lose the ball or take so long that our creative players have no space to work in. Generally I have been satisfied with Mendy this season, the number of times he covers for Morgan as our last defender is commendable. He didn't have to do that today, so his weaknesses were more obvious. N'didi has gone backwards this season and I really don't see what he is offering at the moment.

Choudhury is a more aggressive and effective ball winner and would have been ideal in the midfield today. And hopefully Tielemans will play the ball forward quicker. These 2 could completely transform our game and give our attacking players the chance to shine.

It seems to me that we have the players to play how Puel say's he wants to, but for some bizarre reason he picks the wrong ones.


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3 wins, 2 draws, 8 defeats since December.

13 games. Conceded first in 11 of them.

5 goals scored at home in 6 games.

Not good enough.

As for today: bizarre subs and an early goal conceded. Looked alright once the other team scored. Same as usual. Soft touch.
Thankfully a season is a little bit longer than that!!!!
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