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Post Match Leicester 0 Manchester United 1

David Gwilliam

Well-Known Member

Ghezzal was our best player when he came on, he's got more movement in one leg than the rest of the midfield combined.
Whenever I have seen Ghezzal he has moved in the traditional manner using both legs. If he tries moving on one leg I am hoping coaches will be stopping him hopping.

Mike - True Blue Tinter

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I only watched the match on TV, so for some that makes any comments of mine invalid.

However leaving aside our now traditional opening play of luring the opposition into a false sense of security by gifting them an early goal, I thought we did not play too badly.

We were good on the fast counter-attack, as we were 3 years ago, and we were able to create some chances.
Unfortunately, several of them were wasted, an 'air shot' and a pass to de Ghea by Vardy, amongst others.

Ghezzal probably had the best chance from a free kick, forcing a great save by de Ghea.

Mendy is becoming a bit of a bomb scare and was lucky not to have been redcarded, so should have been substituted earlier. Ndidi is obviously good at getting the ball back for us, and is the closest we have to a Kante, but he needs someone alongside him that is an attacking midfielder, not a defensive one like Mendy.

A frustrating game in that I thought we were good enough for a point, and did not look out of our depth against Manure. Some might argue that Manure were not at their best, but I am sure they wanted to win the game well but could stop us getting chance in front of their goal.

And it was mostly entertaining to watch.


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Let’s face it I don’t think many people are that concerned about the last match, it was a lost opportunity but any frustration is due to the other recent matches rather than losing a close game to an on form team.
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