Leicester players at the World Cup

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People were talking about Martinez if BR got sacked. I think i'd throw up.
Can't score against Iran
Wales have been awful in both games. If it wasn’t for a ridiculous tackle from the American centre half they wouldn’t have even scored a goal.

It gives me no pleasure to say that England could even better their result against Iran when they play Wales.
Enjoyed this. Reminded me why I don't miss watching Championship football. Shows how rubbish this group is too.
Papy Mendy in the starting lineup for Senegal. Should be in the winning side against Qatar.
That Wales game was hilariously bad

Two shite pub teams
Time for Wales to stop relying on Bale and Ramsey.
Ramsey has done **** all in ages. Bale is a Welsh Ronaldo, he'll do basically one thing of note in a game & that could well win the game. But if it doesn't he's essentially a passenger & contributes nothing else. It'll be another 60 years before they qualify again probably as when he retires they'll have literally nothing else.

England will win by as many as they feel like winning by.
Any of the goals Danny's fault
Any of the goals Danny's fault
No. Perhaps he could have been quicker down on the first, but that’s being very critical, and perhaps he shouldn’t have been so quick to go down on their second, but that’s being very critical.
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