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Pre Match Leicester V Burnley


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What is your reasoning for playing Ricardo at left-back?
Watching his goal from a year ago where he races down the left flank, beats a player inside and out using both feet and then cuts inside on his right foot and scores.
The fact that Chilwell needs a slight wake up call, but Fuchs doesnt offer quite the pace we need going forward
And to give Justin an opportunity in the team after a great debut.
And because it would annoy a few people.

I agree with comments that we need to rotate leave out one of Ndidi Praet Maddison Tielemans rather than shoehorn them all in. Regardless of which it is we shouldnt play all four unless it's against a pretty poor side. Puts too much pressure on the full backs and Vardy and skews our shape.
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P Pld Pts
Liverpool  24
Manchester City  16
Arsenal  15
Leicester  14
Chelsea  14
Palace  14
Burnley  12
West Ham Utd  12
Tottenham   11
10 Bournemouth  11
11 Wolves  10
12 Manchester Utd  9
13 Sheffield Utd  9
14 Brighton  9
15 Aston Villa  8
16 Newcastle Utd  8
17 Southampton  7
18 Everton  7
19 Norwich City  6
20 Watford  3