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New ex-players (and managers) thread


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And a huge amount of money, fast cars, booze and a shed load of fit girls

Tell me Danny - where did it all go wrong.....
Yea, life must be perfect.

Loads of money to spend on fake friends and gold digging women who love the cash.

He can drive them all around in his flash motors that nobody gives a **** about.

The blokes a **** and he probably knows it.

Fox Fan

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Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri has offered a withering assessment of Chelsea flop Danny Drinkwater. The former Leicester midfielder was signed by Antonio Conte on deadline day back in August 2017 but has failed to make a single appearance this season.

Drinkwater was embroiled in controversy earlier this week when he was charged with a drink driving offence and has not travelled with the first team squad ahead of Thursday night’s Europa League quarter final first leg against Slavia Prauge.

Explaining his decision to exile the England international, Sarri said: ‘He knows very well, he has never played because in my opinion he is not suited to my system and my way of playing.

Danny Drinkwater was charged with drink driving earlier this week (Picture: Getty) ‘I told him everything in August, he appreciated but decided to remain and so he knew very well the situation. ‘He’s not adaptable, that is my opinion. I spoke with him in August when the market was open. ‘I said to him to look for something different because in my opinion he doesn’t play. I said to him the reasons, my reasons, but he decided to stay. ‘I have a very good relationship with him because in my opinion he is a good boy, a good player but he is not suitable for me. ‘I don’t know [why he stayed], he hoped we could change the decision.’

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/10/maurizio-sarri-issues-brutal-assessment-chelsea-flop-danny-drinkwater-9158353/?ito=cbshare

Ike O'Noclassed

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The odd thing is that I have a clear memory of my first sight of DD, a special talent ripping us apart down the left wing for Barnsley (I suppose Willianesque in Chelski terms), never thought of him as being inflexible and not able to fit into a "system" at all. Long time ago I guess.


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Wow - lots of love for a footballer who helped bring the greatest accolade in the club's history. Stay classy y'all.


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Drink driving is a ****ish thing to do. Outside of this, I have no animosity towards the guy at all. He took the money; so what? His career is a short one and he decided to jump at a chance to earn mega bucks and perhaps win another trophy or two. Okay, it hasn't panned out for him and he's acted like a prick in this instance but the vitriolic bile being spewed about him is completely unnecessary.


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In the space of about 8 posts he has been called 'thick as shit', a '****', a dick and had his physical appearance mocked. I'd say that was pretty vitriolic.
Maybe he could try not drink driving and endangering other road users?

He's a selfish dick, who in his position must be thick as shit to go out of his way to drink and drive despite his huge wealth gained from pissing his career down the drain.

I couldn't give a shit if it hurts his feeling, or bizarrely other adults on a football forum.


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In the space of about 8 posts he has been called 'thick as shit', a '****', a dick and had his physical appearance mocked. I'd say that was pretty vitriolic.
I agree his physical appearance shouldn't be griefed. The rest is facts though. Can't blame him for wanting to get paid shitloads for **** all but when you have them sponds you can afford a taxi even if your piss up was on the ****ing moon.

Blue Maniac

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Yeah, especially after Luke McCormick and Lee Hughes, I couldn’t give less of a **** about the feels of anyone who gets behind the wheel while drunk, even if he was part of the best midfield this club has ever seen. The lad can fall down a hole.


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I couldn't give a shit if it hurts his feeling, or bizarrely other adults on a football forum.
I said it was unnecessary. Why on earth you think mine or anyone else's 'feelings' have been 'hurt' only you will know.

Sometimes it's just too difficult.
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