The Jamie Vardy appreciation thread

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Rooney about to be appointed at Birmingham City, which means we now have the prospect of Vardy vs Rooney Part II.
Nothing against Rooney but after reading this, I hope he and Birmingham fail miserably.
Wayne Rooney linked with Birmingham City job as head coach John Eustace is sacked -
Typical ****witted showbiz style bollocks you expect from yank owners really. Eustace has basically worked miracles to get them to where they are against the backdrop of miserable shit they've had to put up with in the last couple of years. Kept them up, put them in the playoff places...then gets the shaft out of nowhere in favour of an overblown **** with zero managerial achiievements just because he used to be somebody.

I agree with you, I hope they ****ing implode & chimp **** gets the sack before easter.
I’ve heard this one before, think he was still a Dortmund player when this first started floating around the interwebs
Are you not having the definitely real picture of them clasping hands either?
“I watch midfielders a lot on their off the field ability to smash in back doors. The best in the world at that is Paul Gallagher”

- Hayley Gallagher
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