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The Mahrez Saga

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Happy to let him go but no way on the cheap. £50m is pittance. Would rather lose him for nothing in two and a half years time. Has to be at least around what Van Dijk went for - he also handed in a transfer request. Stick to your guns like Southampton did.


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I’m not happy for him to go. We can’t replace him. We have a Europa League spot and the FA Cup to win. We won’t do either by selling our best players. Sod the money: I won’t see a penny of it.

I don’t begrudge Mahrez a big move. He has earned it. But now isn’t the time. Let him go in the summer.


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I blame Widow Twanky Wanky Warnock. If his sloggers hadn't ****ed Sane up then this wouldn't be happening.

Oh well, big cash, thanks for the memories and all the best you golden bollocked beauty.

Brown Nose

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I hate the transfer window.

Best case scenario is our best player's head is gone tomorrow night. Worst case scenario is he's gone for good.

Partly thinking that the agent bollocks is making this more than it is. Partly thinking that we wouldn't have allowed Musa to go if we'd believed Mahrez could go. Partly shitting myself.


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It's all a feckin' load of shit

What price they pay is utterly irrelevant

You just can't buy another Mahrez

Miles Away

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I suppose what you can say re: a replacement is that both Gray and Diabete have been brought in with half an eye on this eventuality. I’d sooner keep the cash and pray one of those two are the answer (not that we will have any choice given the timing). There is very little to suggest we can find a better replacement in such a short time than with somebody already on the books.

The sooner the ****ing league has some kind of salary cap the better. Both Manchester clubs are making a farce of football.

Remember when we won the league because we outsmarted, not outspent, the rest of these entitled twats.


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I'm trying to prepare myself. I'd foolishly reconciled myself to him going in the summer. Now would be just too much of a wrench.
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