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I saw the clip on the news with them applauding an empty stand after the match. Absolutely pissed myself at that. I also read desperate football journalists wittering on about things like how great it was to hear the ball whistle into the back of the net and how educational it is to be able to hear players/managers speaking. Truly hollow people being told by their paymasters to make it sound good.

Those with a vested interest in making us think that this is football will peddle their nonsense. However, the fact remains that professional football without fans isn't professional football. It's a training session. Now, there are people who are happy to watch footballers train but they are in a very small minority.

Some watched the matches yesterday for the novelty value. Some watched it and would have been horrified at how awful it was. Some sad souls will believe the hype and stick with it. But the vast majority are not interested in this and never will be.
well I was glad to watch some football. Not sure what bucket that puts me in? Either hollow or sad.

I certainly feel both a lot these days.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Liverpool 29  82
Manchester City 28  57
Leicester 29  53
Chelsea 29  48
Manchester Utd 29  45
Wolves 29  43
Sheffield Utd 28  43
Tottenham  29  41
Arsenal 28  40
10 Burnley 29  39
11 Palace 29  39
12 Everton 29  37
13 Newcastle Utd 29  35
14 Southampton 29  34
15 Brighton 29  29
16 West Ham Utd 29  27
17 Watford 29  27
18 Bournemouth 29  27
19 Aston Villa 28  25
20 Norwich City 29  21