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They're talking about us

Brown Nose

Well-Known Member
'When Chav WAGs Collide' the new Channel 5 series coming soon.

Episode 1 - 'Calm down, calm down vs. Chat shit, get banged'

Mrs. V has responded. I'm yet to determine whether this will be sufficiently ridiculous to keep us entertained over the international break.


Ike O'Noclassed

Well-Known Member
If people wouldn't be "look at me, look at me" and live their lives online this sort of stuff wouldn't happen.
A very tangential connection here. The Rooneys’ public relations are handled by Monk PR, headed by a lad I went to school with, Ian Monk, who I well remember standing with in the Kop in the late 60s regaling opposing fans with renditions of “It’s all gone quiet over there”. He’s made a healthy living over the years doing precisely the opposite, sadly.


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The BBC News web-site is a comic these days.

'My gaming addiction stops me from having relationships'

Five Star: Making Rain or Shine was 'an ordeal', says Doris Pearson
Twas on the 6 o'clock apparently. BBC newsround seems to be the place for the grown up news now.

FOX Franks

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