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They're talking about us


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Let me get this straight, a woman who forgave her husband's lies and infidelity, which she played out in the press, put out lies on t'interweb which another woman allowed to get into the press and she's indignant. And that somehow is news worthy.



Water Gypsy
This WAG shit has actually made the news news. BBC news etc. Not just the news comics...
'tis true! Mrs boc, who knows little about football, cares not a jot about WAGs and their problems and vigorously eschews social media of all types, knew about this long before I did. Notification from her BBC News app apparently.


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How about “food makes you fat, let’s ban food?”
Kids getting the bus to school in Enderby will be faced with the situation of not being allowed a KitKat while the person in the seat behind is merrily wanking away.
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