Confirmed Transfer Timothy Castagne


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Well, I'm happy. Anyone from that Atalanta team looks like a good signing to me. They're fabulous to watch. Just got to wait & see if it works here. Off we go.

Profondo Rosso

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Glad we've got someone in.

Wonder how much of the rest of the Chilwell money we're planning on spending. Still feel like we need 2 or 3 more in.


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Certainly worth taking with a pinch of salt but it seems our Tim is held in high regard by plenty. His numerous transfer linked clubs included PSG, Arsenal and Spurs adding to his potential credibility. Again, taken with a pinch of salt.

Secondly, someone thinks he won't be staying for long already!

Obviously no one knows whether he'll suit the Premier League, but I really hope to eat my words about his "versatility" and that he isn't just a good RB, but also a top LB. One think I liked is thst he said he'd docplenty of running, which given the role of a LWB, is certainly necessary.

Only time will tell, but let's hope we've picked up another gem.


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That Genk bloke is a bit behind the times with his Arsenal reference. But if he’s right about the other part, then we will have two of the best full backs in the Premier League (and no I don’t mean Justin).


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He looks like a young Dennis Wise in the interview photo posted by BN.
I thought he had a Knockaert look about him myself.

Wise's weasel-like features give rise in me the desire to punch something. Preferably him. Whilst he's asleep.
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