Vichai Legacy - 5 years on

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I need to set aside some time for this. I expect I might need some tissues.
Started to watch it but too many distractions at home…

…watch later.
It sounds weird but I still struggle to watch this stuff. I tear up before every match when Vichai is on the big screen. I will find time to look at this when I’m ready for my heart to hurt. It takes a bit of talking myself into it. It’s just too sad.
It was like a member of my family had died, painful.
I will watch it, but preference is when I'm alone.
Took me 2 days to make myself watch this, I knew it would be tough.

Now I need to work through the emotions and try and understand the effect this has had on me ... might take a few days and a few sleepless nights ... massively thought provoking.
Yes, that took me a day or so to gird my loins to watch this. Deeply emotional.

How may other clubs will feel this way about their chairman? how lucky are we?

Whatever else happens to us in the coming years, Vichai gave us something I never, ever believed could possibly happen. I know that many factors contributed, but he was the catalyst I believe.
The greatest fooball chairman ever.
And at the greatest club too.
I think Blackburn fans would argue that Jack Walker might be the greatest football chairman ever.
I think Blackburn fans would argue that Jack Walker might be the greatest football chairman ever.
Jack Walker did well for the club and the fans were able to bask in the reflected glory. But I'm not sure I remember the cakes, the beer, the scarves, the etc etc going their way. Nor the fantastic support of hospitals and local community which has been evident with the Boss.
Of course, Vichai was incredibly richer than was Jack Walker. I still think he tips the scales as 'the greatest' but both are well deserving of their plaudits.
A good and very moving watch.
When they was talking about the effect on those outside Leicester , I would have included the Watford banner “ thank you for letting us dream (or believe) again “

Can’t remember the exact words but it was well received by all Leicester fans with an applause.
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