Why does Rogers get stick???

Why does Rogers get stick???

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Naughty Fox

New Member
It is obvious to me but some people say it is because he is an ex-tree, but I find that hard to believe.

It's not just that he is crap. Even "Sticks" and Coatsworth when they did something stupid and the crowd got on their backs they didn't try it again. With Rogers it is in one ear and out the other, he will make the same mistakes two or three times in one game despite the stick he gets and it does my head in!
This attitude to Rogers stinks. He carried an injury for most of last season but turned out every week and gave 100%. Maybe he does make mistakes, (name a player that doesn't) but as said on another thread he put in some great crosses and balls which provided us with goals. I dislike players who take their wages each week (provided for by the fans mainly) and are lazy, we all know who they are,( MA has put them on the transfer list), you can't knock his work rate. We should also trust MA's judgement - why did he play him week after week, the man's no fool, we all know that.
Give him some encouragement next season and build up his confidence and who knows maybe some of you 'Rogers' knockers will have to take back some of your negative comments and we will all see what Micky obviously does in him.

Robsdee, There is alway a 'weakest link' in any team, a player which gets stick from the fans. I agree with some of what you have said, I trust Micky 100% and hope that he does get the best out of him, but it has got to be remembred he did not sign Rogers and could not strengthen the squad, MA said himself that they are/were not his players.
Was Rogers played purely because we had nobody else???
It will be intresting to see how many games he does play this season and when he does play I will back him, but if he continues to make 'school boy' errors, and that is what they are, he will continue to get stick :!:
As to him giving 100% I need to disagree, he was always out of position and basically jogged back, yes he put in crosses for goals, but how many times did he attempt it and not get past the first man, more than sucesses I can bet.
Carried an injury all season? he also carried a massive pair of man tits and a huge belly!! fat C U N T

Rodgers gonna get ya................
Ricey said:
I try not to give him stick but sometimes its hard not to because he makes some bad mistakes.

But other players don't get stick when they play as badly.

For example Frank Sinclair is a crowd favourite, but in my opinion he had a bad season. His passes rarely found a team mate, seems to have lost some of his pace, players got past him far too often, and he gave away far too many silly free kicks.
But when he passes the ball to an opponent or into row Z of the stand, he doesn't get the abuse Rogers would in the same situation.
You are right, but then he was dropped because we could play Impey in that position. He does not get the stick but we know he is a better player than that.
Now I know you will say the cover for Rogers is Callum and Jordan but Callum had been playing in the midfeild more (centre or left) and Jordan is not a left back, leaving Rogers at left back.
I can not remember which game but when we played Callum and Jordan on the left we looked a hell of a lot better.
i think with riccy scimeca in the ranks now, rogers may not be a first team choice. i wouldnt complain if he was, but i'd like to see callum davidson at left back who is much more solid, and jordan left wing if they can both stay fit with scimeca moving into defensive midfield so that muzzy can push up beyond the strikers a lot more.
Webmaster, Frank has never had great distribution but can defend as well as anyobody at the club. Rogers does neither. I think what frustrted fans was that calumn was not played there and someone else given the more simple denfensive midfield role.
trickytrev said:
Webmaster, Frank has never had great distribution but can defend as well as anyobody at the club.

His defending for the last couple of seasons has been poor. In the past he's been able to use his pace to get himself out of situations where he's been in the wrong position. He doesn't seem to be as quick as he was, and this has affected his defending.
I wasn't surprised when he was dropped last season.
Did you see the pompey game at the walkers. He kept us in it that night and I would have thought the reason he got dropped would be Adams having enough of his infamous drinking habits which at times, I agree, can affect his performance. Lets hope being dropped will be the kick up the back side he needed. Rogers posiistioning is hopeless in comparison to any other full back at the club.
It was sinclairs fault that one of thir players rattled the ball in to the top corner from tenty five yards on his wrong foot. Sinclair did the right thing by turning him onto his wrong foot and taylor produced a moment of magic. Can you not remeber the tackle against Todorov.
Sinclair didn't turn him onto his wrong foot. Sinclair expected him to go outside him, so he committed himself to going that way, leaving him out of position and giving Taylor a sight of goal.
It still was an amazing goal. I think that Rogers seems out of his depth when he plays. Teams used to play heavily down the left side because Rogers was seen as the weak link and if he was getting taken apart in the FL imagine what will happen in the PL.
Having looked at the Portsmouth goal again, Rogers was way out of position when Portsmouth broke forward, so if Taylor had decided to cross instead of shoot there was an unmarked player in the penalty area.

But I've not been defending Rogers' defending, which has not been good(although it did improve towards the end of the season), I just think he gets more stick than other players who have been as bad or worse, probably because of his weight.

Hopefully Micky will get him fit over the summer and we'll see what he's capable of. But if he gets booed just because of who he is we might never get the best out of him.
webmaster said:
Hopefully Micky will get him fit over the summer and we'll see what he's capable of. But if he gets booed just because of who he is we might never get the best out of him.

I think you are right, but how good is he?????
I do not think he can cut it at the highest level, we are talking about a player who is 25/26 years old who should be at the peak of his game not a trainee who is still learning.
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