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World Cup 2018

City Fan

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Pickford comes out of the tournament looking good.

The back three, for all the praise they got for looking a bit exotic on the ball, never really convinced in the somewhat important realm of actual defending. That said, Maguire will probably come out of it with an enhanced reputation among all the pundits and other fans who hadn't heard of him before because he doesn't play for a big club.

Trippier comes out of it looking good, Young did nothing and must now be finished at international level.

Henderson did better than expected but that's from a very low expectation base. Lingard was shite but he seems quite a limited player who gave his all so I'm not mad. Alli, on the back of a bad season with Spurs, was poor and has got work to do to get his career back on track and should definitely not be considered a shoe in for the first team unless he's able to find form at club level again.

Sterling was shit all tournament. Mahrez will oust him from his position at Man City with ease and hopefully somebody will step up and oust him from his England position as well. The success and failure of Harry Kane was summed up with his double miss in the first half. He's successful at scoring because he's extremely greedy, and he's a failure at winning trophies for the same reason. He then went missing in a way that only a spurs player can for the entire rest of the game.

They avoided abject embarrassment, and for that I'm thankful. But I'm not having this "they restored pride in the national team" crap. They only just beat Tunisia, Panama were so bad they don't count, they lost to Belgium, couldn't beat Colombia and lost to Croatia, a country of 4 million people. Only the Sweden result was remotely impressive, and even then, it's Sweden, so not really. We went out not to the first good team we played, but to the first not crap team we played, and it was only by pure luck of the draw that it wasn't until the semi final that we faced one.

In summary, entertaining tourney and a fun little ride but we're still a shit team and Southgate is still a shit manager. Them the facts.
I agree with the most part of this, but even scraping past the lesser teams is something that we weren’t able to do in the last few tournaments.

I don’t think we played well at all, we still have a lot of work to do, I still don’t rate Southgate as a manager, and we were lucky to get to the semi final. But my god it was still the best England have done at a major tournament since at least 2006. Which doesn’t say much I know.


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We all deserve a winners medals for sitting through two whole hours of Clive Tyldsley (**** knows how you spell it) and Glenn Hoddle talking complete ****ing nonsense.


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I'm quite satisfied with the performance, didn't expect much so was very pleasing to get to the semi finals. Only frustrating thing for me is how Alli kept his place, useless.


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I had guessed at a France v Spain final before the tournament. Personally I hope Croatia win. Can't stand the French and losing last night was almost preferable to getting beaten by them in the final and having to suffer the arrogant jammy bastards reminding us of it for the remainder of time...


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Aside from my bet, I'd prefer France to win anyway.

I know there's the logic that it's somehow better to go out to the winners, but in this situation it's different for me. It felt like we had a good chance to go all the way but I think France would've beaten us in the final. So I'd rather they beat - maybe even hammered - Croatia so I don't have to think 'what if...' quite so much.

Motown Fox

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Semi Finals :
Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Danny Rose, Kieran Trippier, Jan Vertonghen, Toby Alderweireld, Mousa Dembele, Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris

All you need to know, really.........
Aye but which of the other lot will win the third in a two horse race prize.:cool:


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Imagine if it was Hodgson who had overseen that last game.

He would be ****ing hammered for not making needed changes and relying on hope.

Southgate a hero though.


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Imagine if it was Hodgson who had overseen that last game.

He would be ****ing hammered for not making needed changes and relying on hope.
We lost the Iceland game because the clueless fecks Hodgson and Neville stood watching without a feckin' clue what to do make things change

Southgate actually intervened and made changes that made things worse

He is therefore more to blame for this shambles exit than the shithouse chuckle brothers were.

The two cockends were rightly dumped as soon as humanly possible, the other is a national feckin' hero

Modern football is shit
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