New ex-players (and managers) thread

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That Sunderland game, those 2 up top, the future looked bloody bright.
Imagine leaving that to go and manage Celtic nowadays
Kramaric scores a hat trick for Hoffenheim as they beat Bayern 4-2 which means that Stuttgart finish 2nd and Bayern finish in 3rd place, so Harry Kane should feel at home
I have been following Leicester City for over 65 years and there are a few decisions during that time that have left me in a state of total incomprehension.

I think that the top two are:

Why did Ken Leek not play in the 1961 cup final.

Why did we sell Kramaric for approx 8m and buy Slimani for approx 29m.

If anyone can help me out on either of these two monumental F**K UPS, please let me know.
Unfortunately I can understand the Kramaric decision, he was certainly a good player but suffered because of JV the signing of Slimani was a cock up that had been been talked about for a while and at the time was not necessary. The Ken Leek saga was never explained and it probably cost the club any chance of winning the cup that year and was never explained fully by the club, I can still remember sitting and crying when it happened.
Why did Ken Leek not play in the 1961 cup final.
The player himself revealed in an interview (I think it was with a Sunday Mercury Writer) that it was a disciplinary matter. He had overcelebrated the semi-final victory and Gilles kept him out of the Wembley side on that account. I seem to remember him saying something about a night on the piss or similar.

With Kramaric, although some fans certainly liked him, I am sure that a much bigger proportion thought him as being more than a little lightweight. How wrong we were!
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P Pld Pts
3Leeds Utd4690
5West Brom4675
6Norwich City4673
7Hull City4670
9Coventry City4664
10Preston 4663
11Bristol City4662
12Cardiff City4662
14Swansea City4657
17Stoke City4656
19Blackburn 4653
20Sheffield W4653
21Plymouth 4651
24Rotherham Utd4627