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I wasn't imressed with what I saw in the video. He's confident but I don't think he's as good as he thinks he is. But thats just one game.

Anyway..... without further comment....


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I don't think he plays anything like Mahrez apart from cutting in from right hand side.

Mahrez is very unique in his skillset. The ball sticks to his feet. It's not just the odd stepover and running past defenders, he glides around them with so much finesse. He does 5 stepovers in a row, nutmegs, then he flicks it behind and cuts back. Mahrez makes the defender fall on his arse or in some cases myltiple defendeders fall on their arse. He doesn't try to run past them, he sneaks past them like the Pink Panther.

I don't think we'll ever find someone like him again. I think Benrahma is a similar option though not the same. But Ünder seems more like a Barnes/Gray hybrid type player. He runs past defenders fairly easily, has some skill and can take players on. I think he's faster than Mahrez too. He seems the type to knock the ball past you with space and run.
If he can control the ball like Barnes and Gray then we are fooked! If this lad can beat his oppo and deliver real quality then we have a good buy on our hands imo


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Be interesting to see how this guy does. Looks like he's got some pace, bit of skill, eye for a pass.
We've been crying out for a right winger(of sorts) since Mahrez so hopefully this guy will give us a different option than Perez.

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Cengiz certainly has pace - looks like he might be able to keep up with Vardy. Look forward to seeing him on the wing
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