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Speculation The hysterical and annoying, but traditional, totally unfounded spring/summer 2019 rumours thread.


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Fell out with some of his teammates this season over field stuff and downed tools ages ago because they wouldn’t sell him to Man Utd. No ta.


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Was Croatia's best player during the world cup I reckon. I wouldn't say no. We need some quality in the attacking wide positions, it's our biggest weakness. This would be a statement.


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So it seems our mate is carving out quite the niche for himself as Britain’s foremost proponent of the ‘go on holiday’ option on Football Manager.

He’s probably on there now trying to figure out who the next Tory leader will be.
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Premier League

P Pld Pts
Bournemouth  0
Arsenal  0
Aston Villa  0
Brighton  0
Burnley  0
Chelsea  0
Palace  0
Everton  0
Leicester  0
10 Liverpool  0
11 Manchester City  0
12 Manchester Utd  0
13 Newcastle Utd  0
14 Norwich City  0
15 Sheffield Utd  0
16 Southampton  0
17 Tottenham   0
18 Watford  0
19 West Ham Utd  0
20 Wolves  0